Do you want to know where is Residencial Costa Ibiza?

Ibiza island is overflowing like every summer and we are receiving a lot of visits and calls. For those who read us and think about to come to the island and enjoy it, (even if you cannot come right now) we will leave location details.

Here is the construction

As you see, we are very close to the sea and there are an extensive green areas between us and Talamanca Beach or Ibiza Port

La dirección exacta es:

¿Dónde está Residencial Costa Ibiza?, Construcción de viviendas de obra nueva en Ibiza- Residencial Costa Ibiza

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How Residencial Costa Ibiza apartments look like?

If you click on the image you can see a summary of apartments types that are still available for sale.

Obra Nueva en Ibiza - Residencial Costa Ibiza

If you want to know more details

If you wish to mark a visit with our agent and know more details contact here.