In our new apartments Residencial Costa Ibiza we will install Aerothermy systems that are highly efficient and contribute to improving the environment without sacrificing quality of life. They are latest generation heat pumps designed to provide cooling in summer, heating in winter and, if desired, hot water all year round. They offer us heating, air conditioning and hot water.

In this article we want to explain how they work and how it is possible that savings in your new apartment, even higher than 70% than with other types of facilities.


Sistemas de aerotermia - Aerothermy - Obra nueva - Residencial Costa Ibiza


How does it work?

It extracts energy contained in the air, even with outside temperatures below zero and transfers it to the room or to running water.

This is achieved by the thermodynamic cycle that uses a refrigerant gas to extract heat from outside air.



Aerothermy Benefits

High efficiency. It consumes less energy (kWh) than traditional heating systems and that is seen in the monthly bill.
– It is a renewable energy and therefore sustainable.
– It doesn’t require almost maintenance, it is like a household appliance more.
It doesn’t produce combustion (there is no boiler). There is no smoke or waste. It is more secure.
– The whole house can work exclusively with electricity, without need to contract gas or fuel supplies. It can offer air conditioning.
– The Aerothermy installation is much simpler and better than one of operation with non-renewable energies.
– You can combine your outputs (traditional radiators, underfloor heating, heat pumps, etc.)
– It is heating with lower energy consumption.


– Its initial cost is usually higher (although it is compensated over the years with savings in consumption).
– Requires a unit outside the house.

Aerothermy is saving

Replaces the traditional systems for its savings, safety and comfort. Replaces also the traditional combustion boiler (coal, gas or diesel), condensing boilers and electric heating by resistance.

The energy extracted from the air is free

Just pay for electricity consumption, which can be only 22% the energy provided. Thanks to this low energy consumption compared to gas, diesel, fuel oil, propane, pellets, etc., is already the energy solution in most office buildings, airports, cinemas, clinics and homes that take care of their energy efficiency .

It is the ideal system for heating and cooling homes, also in sanitary hot water supply (DHW).